Awake the wilde


Born within the underground heart of Indianapolis, Awake the Wilde spawned in a room surround by concrete.  Inside this basement for most of the initial solidification process were the core-four members: Cheese, Wild Billy, Sammy G, and Blu.  Forging through sonic barriers whilst sharing emotion and sweat on every possible evening, making improbable progress while creating music the way it was made to be played; as collisions of sound and soul became visceral. Each member furnished this new music with his own flavor of touch and the un-teachable.  Then one day, this bolognese of bottomless bass and lyrics betwixt both lovely licks and smoldering riffs became even tastier.  This new ingredient was a man with rhythm in his blood and a groove in his brain.  His name is Dan, known to the band as the Magic Man and he was just the change the band was awaiting. His arrival was a dose of fate and ton of fun as together they developed the song's landscapes, explored foreign wavelengths and harnessed the prowess of performance for an even greater live experience.  Now, more than ever, the band is ready for the journey just beginning.  With aims to revive, not appeal and steal the show anytime on stage as they remind the world that rock n Roll will never die; with a style of music that can only be described as the Funk- Pop, Rock- Hop Blues, Awake the Wilde is here. 

Hope you're ready for what's coming.

Alex Roth - Lead Vocals

Bill Eckhart - Lead Guitar

Brock Lucchese - Rhythm Guitar

Sam Griswold - Lead Bass

Daniel Guajardo - Drums